In honour of the late Pastor Jeremy Mahood, Dario Zulich renames the Sudbury Water Tower, the SUDBURY PEACE TOWER in his memory.

Jeremy Mahood was a dear friend and the Manager of Soul for our Sudbury Wolves Sports & Entertainment (SWSE) teams. His legacy and vision will bring PEACE to our community as we revitalize this Tower as a Beacon of Hope, said Dario Zulich.

The Sudbury Peace Tower encompasses 4 acres which will eventually become an open community space as a tourist attraction. The first phase is to clean up the green space, put up lighting and paint the Tower. The second phase will be to create a community open space with a park, botanical gardens, a playground and a walking trail.

Jeremy’s ultimate vision was to build a House of Hope for At Risk Youth. In the third phase, we hope to build a transitional place that will incorporate living space and social enterprise to teach youth life skills to help lift them up and give them renewed HOPE!

Jeremy’s Jeep was known as the Hope mobile to many. His license plate said it all. Hope 4 U. He believed that for every person he came in contact within the Sudbury community he loved. Eileen Mahood.

Through community partnerships and the I Believe Network (ibn) Charity established by Jeremy and Eileen Mahood in 2003, we will raise capital to enlighten his vision and someday perhaps even build an observation deck up top that could be utilized for meeting space and tourists. A memorial dedication plaque in Jeremy’s name will be unveiled at the Sudbury Peace Tower in the Spring.

In keeping with Jeremy’s passion for our community’s youth, today’s message of Hope and Peace is exactly what is needed both in his memory and across our City. Jeremy also understood the importance of collaboration and working together as a community to share the message of hope across all streams. His work as mentor, leader, coach, brother and friend must be passed on so that we never lose sight that HOPE is real and measurable. Today we would also like to thank Centerline Architects for bringing Jeremy’s dreams of hope for all to life.

For more information: Tim Laderoute at

Housing Project

Conceptual ideas for Housing Project


Background / History

A recognizable landmark of Sudbury, Ontario, the Sudbury Pearl St. Peace Tower is a reminder of a bygone era in Sudbury's history. The structure was designed and built by Horton Steel Works Limited, Fort Erie (Now Niagara Energy) between 1953 and 1956. The Pearl St. peace tower has a capacity of 1,000,000 imperial gallons. It was decommissioned in 1998, by the Sudbury City Council several months after the Minnow Lake water reservoir was installed which holds approximately 8,000,000 imperial gallons of water.


The Council was approached by Westar Investments in October 2003 to sell the property. Westar pursued the sale over a two year period with the Council. Hurdles the Council had to overcome included making the tower surplus to requirements, resolving land title issues, road allowances and assessing easement requirements for third parties. After Several By-Laws the tower was finally advertised in The Sudbury Star for sale, by tender on the 18th of January 2006 with bids closing on the 31st January 2006. Westar’s bid was accepted and final sale contracts signed on the 2nd Feb 2006. The sale contract was ratified by the Sudbury town planning committee, on the 14th February 2006 with final Council approval given on the 22nd February 2006 under By-Law 2006-35. In June 2006, Westar received City approval to convert the tower into commercial office space, banquet facilities and a restaurant. In 2008, Westar revised its application to allow for several storeys of condominiums, below the tank, with commercial office space, banquet facilities and a restaurant built into the tank for a total of 10 storeys of development. Unable to secure financing, an application for demolition was made in November 2009. This historic landmark was in danger of being demolished.

On February 26th, 2010, two entrepreneurs, co-founders of Media Environmental Inc. approached Westar Investments to purchase the property. Purchasing the Pearl St. water tower was contingent on a rezoning application approval. On April 1st, Media submitted an application for re-zoning. On May 26th, 2010, Media received in writing that By-laws 2010-80Z, and 2010 82Z were passed by City Council on the 28th day of April, 2010. The proposed application gave permission to convert the Pearl Street water tower into residential dwelling units, commercial office space, banquet facilities, and a restaurant. The proposal also included for the establishment of twelve 12 advertising ‘Artboards’ to be leased by a variety of advertisers. Five 'Artboards' exist today, offering advertising the ultimate location to brand their business in Sudbury. The 'Artboards' measure 20 feet by 32 feet and are permitted in conjunction with the commercial and/or residential space.

Since 2010, Media Environmental has worked with its partners, including the Greater City of Sudbury, on a plan that would see the Sudbury Water Tower and surrounding area transform into a vibrant community. In June of 2014, the owners were faced with horrific news. Jeffrey, was diagnosed with ALS at the age of 32. In July of 2015, after much contemplation, the partners & best friends, which once held a brilliant vision to develop the iconic Sudbury landmark, decided that it would be best to pass on the torch to the next entrepreneur. 'It's a great opportunity for Sudbury to capture'. Our time and focus is now with our familie

Property - Land Description

The property has approximately 405 feet of frontage on the north side of Pearl Street, together with frontage on the south side of Fairview Avenue, which is very steep and generally inaccessible. It is irregular in shape and total area has been estimated at 1.28 acres or 55,900 ft.². These dimensions have been scaled from drawings provided it should be verified through survey. Services available to the neighbourhood include municipal sewer and water, natural gas, telephone, Hydro, police and fire protection and all other amenities unusual to the area.

Topography of the site carries widely from level at road grade to steep cliff. The portion improved with the water tank is generally level, cleared, accessible and landscaped, while the remainder is generally high rock outcrop and natural vegetation. The site is generally level with Pearl Street, but rises considerably above Fairview Avenue. Municipal sewer and water are located at the Pearl Street frontage. The unopened laneway is generally gravel packed and slightly above road grade.

Sudbury Peace Tower – Panoramic 360 degrees view

The Sudbury Peace Tower property is located on the periphery of Sudbury's downtown core and is bounded by Pearl St., Fairview Avenue and Montebello Street. This is one of the oldest residential areas in the city and has improved with a mixture of single and multifamily dwellings. Properties are generally well-maintained and at least partly modernized. A fairly popular rental and resale area overall due to its walking distance to the downtown core.


The subject property is improved with a municipal water storage tank with a capacity of 1,000,000 gallons. This is a massive steel structure with the chronology: age estimated at 50-55 years old and is in average to good condition. A chain-link security fence surrounds the water tank.

Established Re-occuring Revenue Source: 5 x Artboards: ($1,250) (x5) per month) Sudbury's 'Artboards' located on Sudbury's Largest, Most Visible and Popular Landmark. Measuring 32'(h) x 20'(w).

Land Use Control

The amending zoning bylaw 2010 – 80Z was passed by city Council on April 28, 2010. The subject property is zoned "C-3-Special”, Limited Commercial Zone. By law specifies that the only permitted uses shall be commercial office space, banquet facilities, restaurant uses with the existing structure, multiple dwellings (condos), and a maximum of 12 advertising signs, measuring 20’ x 32’. In the event the advertising signs are lit, the lights will be turned off between the hours of 12 AM(midnight) and 7 AM. (Artboard lights are on timers)




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